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May Pests

     May has sprung up. Along with the flowering of plants comes Allergy Season.  While

your pet may sometimes have dry skin and itch because of it, many of the respiratory,

ear and skin problems can be tied to the pollen that permeates the air at this time of the

 year. Although these allergy symptoms may sometimes be controlled with over- the-

counter medications such as Benadryl, it often requires antihistamine compounds

designed specifically for dogs and cats.  Feel free to call us if the scratching and itching

is keeping you up all night

    Heartworm, tick, and flea season are here once again. Dogs that are on preventative

for heartworms all year, receive the best protection from heartworms and intestinal

worms. They should be tested annually for tick borne diseases such as Lymes Disease

and four types of Ehrlichia disease.  We have two chewable heartworm medications in

 Heartgard and Iverhart, we also have Revolution. We have three types of pour on

flea and tick preventatives in Frontline, Revolution, and Vectra 3 D which a prevents

mosquitoes and biting flies from bothering your dog as well. We also have a chewable

 Flea and Tick product called Nexgard which is given monthly available. Call us if you

  would like additional information on these products. 

         Dogs like to eat grass and plant leaves when outside. Not all “Pretty plants are

safe to forage however. Plants in the Lilly family can be poisonous to the kidneys- even

the leaves. Daffodils are in this plant family so be aware of what is being consumed by

your pet. Algae in Lakes and Ponds can also cause seizures and vomiting.   



  • Lilly- All parts of Lilly plants are poisonous to animals. This plant can cause kidney damage if eaten.
  • Dafodils- These are in the Lilly family and while not as toxic they can cause problems for your pet. 
  • Blue Green Algae- In Stagnant Ponds And Lakes



                                          Deer Tick,  Brown Tick,  American Dog Tick



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