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October Concerns

    October is here and the days are slowly getting shorter. While this means that animals and insects are preparing for the colder weather to come, it doesn’t  mean that they will totally ignore your pets. Fleas are not as prevalent now as they were last month but they are  looking for warmer lodging now, and ticks will become more abundant as the weather cools down. Protection against fleas and ticks is important even in cities. We have three types of topical Flea and Tick Preventatives. We can also order chewable flea and tick products. Call us if you would like information on these products. 

    Fall tends to be a bad time for allergy sufferers. Pets can be allergic to the pollen released by plants and to the molds that grow in grass. We have antihistamine compounds to combat the sneezing and itching that is caused by these allergens.

     Distemper and Parvovirus are two common diseases that we have seen cases of recently.  Parvovirus is a severe intestinal and heart disease. These are both diseases that we vaccinate against when your dog receives the Distemper Vaccination. The puppy that got Distemper had only received one vaccination and wasn’t adequately protected against the virus. If you are purchasing a puppy make sure that it has obtained these vaccinations or let me see it immediately so that they can be protected. Kittens are very susceptible to the Herpes Respiratory Virus which causes eye drainage, and all cats can get a Calici Virus that produces ulcers on all parts of the skin. We vaccinate against these two cat viruses with the “Cat Distemper” vaccine. If your pet is not current on its annual vaccinations then make sure that they get their DISTEMPER VACCINATION as soon as is possible.    

      October also affords your pet the opportunity to get Halloween “tricks” in the form of tasty “treats”. Chocolate candies can produce profuse vomiting and diarrhea. If the candy is made from Dark Chocolate or Bakers Chocolate, then life threatening nervous system complications can develop. Chewing gums such as Orbit  or Trident  as well as other candies and several brands of Peanut Butter, have the sweetener Xylitol and may cause severe liver problems even if eaten in small amounts. A handful of grapes or raisins can result in significant kidney damage, particularly in smaller dogs. Take care that your “garbage hound” doesn’t force you to make an emergency trip to the veterinarian’s office.

     The good news is October is also the best time for sports. The Bucks open their new “Funhouse”. The Badgers and Packers are trying to impress the Football World. The BREWERS are making noise in the Post Season Playoffs. Have fun rooting for your favorite sport.





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